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Why haven’t I heard of Goyard?

Goyards understated opulence is a favourite of royals, aristocrats, high society and the elite past and present. The brands intentional lack of an online presence while other brands like Louis Vuitton were becoming more main stream has kept the brand exclusive and largely free from the mass replica market. Staying under the radar, only being recommended by word of mouth, has created an accessory  with social standing, like a secret handshake for only those In the know, and those that don’t know, don’t matter!

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A brief history of Goyard

Goyard started in 1792 ( Louis Vuitton started in 1854 ) as Maison Martin specialising in box making, trunk making and packing. Soon earning them the title of official purveyor to HRH Marie -Caroline of Bourbon-Siciles, Dutches of Berry. Francois Goyard an apprentice at Maison Martin since the age of 17 took over the company and renamed it Maison Goyard in 1852. Edmond Goyard the son of Francois took the business to new levels. Creating Goyards first advertisements, creating an elite brand with international Clientele.

(Pictures courtesy of Pinterest)

The Goyard monogram

The Famous Goyardine canvas was created by Edmond in 1892. The dotted pattern references the log drving days of his ancestors and the Y shape is for the central Y in Goyard. E Goyard signed his name in white along with the address in brown within the triple chevron pattern.

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Goyard loves pets too

Edmond Started the chic pet range in 1890. Including collars, leads travel bags, grooming kits , driving glasses and boots. Wardrobe trunks could be ordered because “The chicest dogs wear Goryard”.

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Celebrity following 

Goyard has an impressive little black book, boasting some of the worlds wealthiest and most famous, including Marilyn Monroe, Karl Largerfeld, Rene Lacoste, and Arthur Conan Doyle. More recent celebrities include Rihanna, Pharrel Williams, the Kardashian’s and Gwyneth Paltrow to name a few. 

(Pictures courtesy of Pinterest)

Where can I get one?

Goyard only makes a certain amount of items per year adding to their exclusivity. With limited numbers being produced and limited stores selling them worldwide, it can be difficult to get your hands on one. Goyard don’t list their prices, or give prices over the phone or email, the only way to get one is in store or from resellers. Be prepared to pay, as nothing in Goyard comes cheap but you will be buying a timeless 200 year old Parisian status symbol, that if looked after will last for generations to come.